COI for Research Administrator

I’m helping a PI submit a sponsored research proposal. How do I answer the COI question in Cayuse?

To answer this question, ask the PI. Unless you’re in a dean’s office and have been delegated COI responsibilities for the school by the dean, you won’t be able to access a PI’s COI disclosure. Therefore, ask the PI to confirm his/her COI status since he/she is in the best position to know what he/she disclosed, whether these activities relate to this proposal, and whether the disclosure is up to date.

COI in Cayuse SP

Will checking “Yes” to this question stop the proposal from being submitted?

In most cases no; the proposal may generally be routed and submitted as normal. At the award stage, however, if it is determined that the disclosed activities do relate to this particular proposal, Policy 216, 217, and 218 requires that a COI management plan needs to be put in place before federal funds are expended. To expedite this process please notify at just-in-time (JIT) prior to the award notice to allow adequate time for the review process.