IRB Policy & Procedures

Student Research

Student researchers are able to complete their study proposals in Cayuse IRB. They will need to list their Faculty advisor as investigator and themselves as Co-Investigator. Students can be added to existing studies as Co-Investigators by modification. Each research scenario for student research has its own circumstances that will indicate the review, etc. See the chart below for common scenarios with likely processing requirements:

RESEARCH that involves direct interaction with individuals (e.g., in person, via mail, email, online survey, or telephone), or data from human subjects for which the researchers will have access to identifiers.

IRB Required Submit the IRB with faculty advisor as Principal Investigator and student as Co-Investigator

RESEARCH that is limited to secondary analysis of data, records or specimens that are either publicly available, de-identified or otherwise impossible to be linked to personal identities.

Submit application for IRB Exempt Determination

Research with outside Entities

Rice IRB has a statewide reciprocity agreement. Please follow the link to read more (link to process form).

For research with community centers, businesses, etc. a letter of support is required to ensure they are onboard with the research being done at their facilities.

International Research

Researchers conducting research outside the US should ensure that the regulations in the country where the research will take place are abided by. (link to international document)