Rice University National Security Research Accelerator White Paper Process

RUNSRA requests internal white papers with the goal of expanding RUNSRA research activities on campus and create a sustainable organization through ARL funded research programs.

As part of RUNSRA, faculty are encouraged to submit white papers that propose any of the topics of interest to the ARL Directorates. Proposals are encouraged for research based on the following Science & Technology (S&T) campaigns: Computational Sciences, Materials Research, Sciences for Maneuver, Information Sciences, Sciences for Lethality and Protection, Human Sciences, and Assessment and Analysis.

Further information on the technical areas of interest to the ARL can be found here (ARL Research Areas).

RUNSRA White Paper (WP) Process

Part I:

Part II:

  • RUNSRA staff will follow up with PI to communicate committee’s comments
  • RUNSRA staff assists in the preparation for submission of WP to DoD (DoD WP Instructions)
  • RUNSRA submits to appropriate division for consideration of WP
  • RUNSRA’s Executive Director to follow up until feedback from DoD is received

Part III:

  • Based on DoD feedback, Executive Director will communicate on next steps with PI and staff
  • RUNSRA staff and PI collaborate on the preparation of WP for DoD

Part I:

Rice Ramp-up Committee

A Ramp-up Committee was formed to facilitate the VPR’s goal to effectively execute and grow the cooperative agreement (CA) and to create an effective project-management template for the center.
Goals of the Ramp-up Committee are:

  • Develop Rice researcher best-practices for Army, establishing a template for broader DoD engagement
  • Ensure good results for the programs and dissemination of results
  • Ensure that we are in a strong and healthy position for Year 2 and beyond

This Ramp-up committee for the VPR will be composed of faculty leaders across Rice from the institutes, chairs, and deans. The initial committee members are:

  • Yousif Shamoo (VPR)
  • Naomi Halas (SCI) - Chair
  • Lydia Kavraki (K2I)
  • Zachary Ball (IBB)
  • David Alexander (RSI)
  • Pulickel Ajayan (RUNSRA Thrust 1 Lead)
  • Ashutosh Sabharwal (RUNSRA Thrust 2 Lead)

The Ramp-up Committee will serve as a test structure and a possible model for the CA Program Committee: members can serve as term members on this committee. The Ramp-up Committee makes no unilateral program decisions without the engagement of Army (and eventually DoD) researchers and chief scientists. The Ramp-up Committee will engage with both Rice researchers and Army researchers and chief scientists to jointly identify topics of greatest interest for funding by the CA.

Project Identification Process
  • Rice researchers in the (very) broadly defined areas of advanced materials and networks (see ARL Research Areas) should propose potential projects for the CA.
  • Rice researchers should reach out to Army researchers to gauge interest and support for their initial ideas.
  • To facilitate Rice-Army research project development, the Ramp-up committee will engage with and assist Rice researchers at an early stage, as needed, for identifying Army contacts, as needed and upon their request. Army Chief Scientists or ARL researchers will act as the expert resources- adjunct to the Ramp-up committee- in identifying with whom the Rice researcher can jointly pursue their project of interest.
  • It is NOT the role of the Ramp-up committee to discourage any project proposed at its early stage, but rather to facilitate the Rice researcher to develop a fundable project and, very importantly, help identify Army researchers with whom they will collaborate.
  • Within this Rice-Army relationship-building framework, the Rice researchers will develop their project based on a template known as the “Heilmeier Catechism” (HC), used extensively within all branches of the DoD to evaluate projects.
  • Once this template has been written and developed with Army input, both the Rice researcher(s) and the Army researchers will jointly “sign off” and support this project.
  • Once projects have reached this stage of development, they will be sent to the VPR for approval and for inclusion within the CA.

SUBMIT HC Template and Cover Letter HERE