IRSO Vision
With a primary focus of supporting multi-departmental, multi-investigatory, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research and scholarly activity, IRSO exists to further the achievement of excellence by all members of the Rice research community.

Values and Guiding Principles
IRSO is committed to providing the highest quality service for faculty and staff through a combination of specialized experience and process knowledge by developing customized resources, methods, and tools. IRSO provides well informed, succinct, and actionable support for the Rice community.

Exploration and Innovation
IRSO encourages curiosity, analytical thinking, and adaptability, in alignment with its mission goal to provide outstanding service to faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders. Through a commitment to innovation, we believe we can positively impact research at Rice by reducing faculty burden and facilitating researchers, staff, and students to fulfill their roles.

IRSO promotes responsible research practices, with consideration for both compliance and ethical conduct. We will also act constructively and with respect to all process partners.