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Rice University Internal Funding Opportunities

Rice is committed to supporting and amplifying faculty’s creative scholarship and research, and the Creative Ventures Funds are one set of opportunities available to the Rice faculty for this purpose. Each year, Rice University allocates over $1 million directly to support our faculty in new and creative work.

Creative Ventures Funds

Research Experiences for Undergrads
at Rice University




Research experiences for undergraduates at Rice are open to students at colleges and universities from around the world. For most programs, research experience is not required - our faculty and graduate students will train you to perform research and mentor you through the experience!

We are one of the nation’s leading wide-spectrum research universities, with a beautiful campus located in the heart of Houston, one of America’s most dynamic, diverse and cosmopolitan cities. Though Rice is a small private university, we are consistently ranked in the top 20 universities in the United States. Our size impels us to be highly collaborative with government, industry, private foundations, as well as other universities. Our strategic planning focuses our effort to achieve impact and excellence in selected areas. We seek to translate our research insights into social benefits for the community, the nation, and our world. Research provides the foundation for change. New technologies, applications, and insights will allow us to bring greater prosperity and well-being to our world. As a leader in research, Rice University welcomes all partners to join us in our mission.