Apply for Reimbursement of Lab Fees


In order to support our Mission and Vision, the Biomaterials Lab offers reimbursement of lab fees. Such reimbursement is available to:
1) Startups at Rice University. This includes students, staff, or faculty interested in developing a prototype device or performing research supporting a fledgling business venture or idea.
2) New research collaborations involving a Rice University lab or researcher.

All users interested in receiving reimbursement of their Biomaterials Lab fees must acknowledge the Lab’s contributions in all papers, presentations, and other materials produced as a result of using the Lab’s facilities and equipment. We also reserve the right to mention your work and affiliation with the Lab as part of the Lab. All mentions of such work will of course take into consideration any ongoing publication and intellectual property concerns.

In order to ensure we can best support our users and the Lab’s vision and mission, we require all users interested in fee reimbursement to submit an application for consideration.

Please use this form: Application