The Biomaterials Lab

Welcome to Rice University's Biomaterials Lab. The Biomaterials Lab supports advanced biomedical research by providing access to shared equipment and expertise along with educational programs.

High school students explore bioengeering and biomaterials research

2023 Biofabrication Workshop

Saturday, Apr. 1, 2023

2023 Biofabrication Workshop

Biomaterails Lab hosts Annual Biofabrication Workshop for the year 2023

Rice University engineers show immune cells impact osteosarcoma drug resistance

Rice lab opens new door to creating cell scaffolds for growing tissue, studying disease

The Biomaterials Lab at BRC

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022

2022 Rice Biomaterials Annual Report

Training videos for the equipment in the Biomaterials Lab

Virtual training render

Monday, Oct. 10, 2022

Virtual training for BML equipment

Training videos for the equipment in the Biomaterials Lab

Biomaterials Lab presented its virtual demonstration during the short course

2022 Biofabrication Workshop

Friday, Mar. 18, 2022

2022 Biofabrication Workshop

The Biomaterials Lab has hosted their fifth annual Biofabrication Workshop

Students share their stories on how the instruments at the BML advanced their research

Upcoming research opportunities

The Biomaterials Lab is reopening to external users and changing guidelines for existing users.

The BML returns to Stage 2 guidelines to keep users safe