The Biomaterials lab is part of the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues and proudly supports research within and around the Houston Texas Medical Center community. We are pleased to provide a list of papers published with the Center's support, and we appreciate your acknowledgment of the use of our facilities and support in relevant publications and presentations.

Publications in collaboration with Center for Engineering Complex Tissues

H Prajapati, D Chalise, D Ravoori, RM Taylor, and A Jain, "Improvement in build-direction thermal conductivity in extrusion-based polymer additive manufacturing through thermal annealing," Additive Manufacturing, 26, 242-249 (2019). [ABSTRACT][HTML][PDF]

M Whitely, S Cereceres, P Dhavalikar, K Salhadar, T Wilems, BT Smith, AG Mikos, and E Cosgriff-Hernandez, "Improved in situ seeding of 3D printed scaffolds using cell-releasing hydrogels," Biomaterials, 185, 194-204. (2018). [ABSTRACT][HTML][PDF]

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YS Kim, MM Smoak, AJ Melchiorri, and AG Mikos. "An overview of the tissue engineering market in the United States from 2011 to 2018," Tissue Engineering Part A, 25. (2019). [ABSTRACT][HTML][PDF]

L Diaz-Gomez, BT Smith, PD Kontoyiannis, SM Bittner, AJ Melchiorri, and AG Mikos, "Multimaterial segmented fiber printing for gradient tissue engineering," Tissue Engineering Part C, 25. (2019). [ABSTRACT][HTML][PDF]

BT Smith, A Lu, E Watson, M Santoro, AJ Melchiorri, EC Grosfeld, JJJP van den Beucken, JA Jansen, DW Scott, JP Fisher, and AG Mikos, "Incorporation of fast dissolving glucose porogens and poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microparticles within calcium phosphate cements for bone tissue regeneration," Acta Biomaterialia, 78, 341-350. (2018). [ABSTRACT][HTML][PDF]

SM Bittner, JL Guo, AJ Melchiorri, and AG Mikos, "Three-dimensional printing of multilayered tissue engineering scaffolds," materialstoday, 21, 861-874. (2018). [ABSTRACT][HTML][PDF]