Advances in Tissue Engineering short course 2022

Biomaterials Lab presented its virtual demonstration during the short course

Slides from ATE 2022

Rice University hosted its 29th Advances in Tissue Engineering short course virtually this year from August 10 - 13th. Over 150 participants attended the short course, and the Biomaterials Lab was proud to present during the short course. The second day of the short course was dedicated to research presentations focusing on recent advances in biofabrication methods. The day ended with Biomaterials Lab’s presenting a lecture on various fabrication techniques and a virtual demonstration of 3D printers.

The Biomaterials Lab is offering virtual training for its users. As a part of the virtual training, the Biomaterials Lab is providing video tutorials for various equipment available in the lab.

The 30th Advances in Tissue Engineering will be held from August 9-12th, 2023. Please visit for more information.

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