Rice Biomaterials Lab Enters Phase 3 Reopening Guidelines

The Biomaterials Lab is reopening to external users and changing guidelines for existing users.

3D printer in the Biomaterials Lab.

The Biomaterials Lab guidelines have changed in response to Rice University returning to  Phase 3.

  • All users are required to wear masks at all times within the lab in addition to the normal PPE requirements.
  • All users are required to disinfect work areas and shared surfaces before and after use.
  • Users must observe physical distancing. Maintain safe distances (>6 ft) between other users when operating instruments and working in the lab.
  • New training may still be delayed as we work to safely accommodate existing and new users.

External User Policies

  • External users will be allowed into the Biomaterials Lab again. They must follow the guidelines above, including masks, PPE, and physical distancing.
  • External users will be required to submit a negative PCR COVID test result from within the last week before they can use any instrument in the Biomaterials Lab. Results can be scanned and emailed to Meri Dix (meri.c.dix@rice.edu). FOM accounts will be reactivated accordingly. A single test will be valid for up to 1 week of instrument usage.
  • Fee for service is generally unavailable due to increased demand on Super Users and instruments; however, it can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Anthony Melchiorri (anthony.j.melchiorri@rice.edu).

Thank you for your cooperation and support during these times.

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