Virtual training for BML equipment

Training videos for the equipment in the Biomaterials Lab

Virtual training render

The Biomaterials Lab has introduced virtual training options for a few of its equipment. The training videos are posted on the Rice University Canvas and the contents are constantly updated.

The aim of these training videos is to provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to operate the equipment. These short videos also emphasize the safety features of the equipment and the safety protocols of the lab. The Biomaterial Lab plans to generate educational contents in two phases. In the first phase, the videos contain basic operation, experiments and instructions for beginners or new users. In the second phase, advanced operation and experiments will be included along with demonstrations and troubleshooting tips.

The lab has released four videos containing instructions on how to operate the TA Discovery Hybrid Rheometer, and the CellInk BioX, Allevi 3, and BioAssembly Bot 400 Bioprinters. These videos are going to be a valuable resource for new and current users.

These resources are not limited to BML users or Rice community, these videos will be posted on the BML’s official YouTube channel as well.

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