African Humanities Program
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About the Program

Goals of the African Humanities Program:
- to encourage and enable the production of new knowledge and new directions for research
- to strengthen the capacity of early career researchers and faculty at African universities
- to advance the humanities by establishing networks for scholarly communication across Africa and with Africanists worldwide.
Fellowship stipends allow recipients an academic year free from teaching and other duties for revising the dissertation for publication or for the first major research project after the PhD. Fellows are also eligible for additional benefits such as residential stays for writing, manuscript development workshops, and publication support.
Each fellow may request a residential stay at an African institute for advanced study. Residencies have proved to be extremely popular and productive, granting fellows time and space to concentrate on writing. Because residencies must be taken at an institute outside the home country, they foster international communication. Currently AHP Fellows may take residencies at six institutes from South Africa to Senegal, Ghana to Tanzania.
Fellows who have completed their fellowship tenures may apply to attend a Manuscript-Development Workshop to discuss their manuscripts with AHP mentors and other fellows in a weeklong, intensive retreat. Many authors use these discussions to guide their final revisions before submitting manuscripts for publication.


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