Becoming a For-Profit User


FOM Website:
If you are coming here from FOM, please read the general instructions.
When done, please return to FOM and complete registering your account.
If you need a FOM account please go to FOM and start the process.  You will be redirected to this page.  If you have read the general instructions, return to FOM and complete your registration.
General Instructions:
You will need to download, complete, and return the Application and Agreement forms, found at the bottom of this page. Each prospective user from your entity will need an agreement on file. However, a single application may be submitted if there is more than one instrument user.  Please note that a current “Certificate of Insurance” per the requirements in the “Agreement” must also be submitted and all documents need to be signed by a company representative who is authorized to sign legal documents for your entity.  Details on the insurance requirements can be found in the document below.  ALL these documents must be in place before your SEA and/or FOM account will be activated and confirmed. 
You must list all instruments that you think you might use on the Agreement.  For information concerning the applicability of an instrument to your needs, please contact the contact listed on the information page for the particular instrument.
 Our usual model is to train users and have each user run the instruments themselves. If you are only interested in having one of our Research Scientists run the instrument for you, then only the Fee for Service Application is needed with the completed section authorizing the work to be done by our Research Scientist at an additional cost of $120/hr. Such service is not available on all instruments. We recommend you contact the SEA Research Scientist first to enquire about such availability.
 Please be aware that we are not a commercial lab and our primary focus is on academic research.  Instruments often have waiting times for training and use and scheduling may not always meet with your needs.

The completed documents may be scanned and emailed to or mailed to the SEA office at

 Rice University – SEA
 PO Box 1892, MS686
 Houston, TX  77251-1892