Becoming a Rice User


 FOM website:
1.  STOP–Go To  and begin creating an account.  You must enter your financial information (fund#-organization #) before your account is confirmed and activated.  Be sure you know this information.  You will be directed to this page when you are creating your account on FOM.  GO THERE NOW AND BEGIN CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT.  If you are coming to this page from FOM, go to step 2.
2.  Welcome back!  Please complete the forms at the bottom of this page and email them to SEA at Go back to FOM and finish creating your account.
Account activation - Once you created your FOM account, including financial information, and submitted your completed forms, your account will be activated
Request training – This is done in FOM and this can be done after your account is activated.  Once your account is activated, go to your "User Home" page in FOM.  Select an instrument on the right hand side.  Indicate the times that you would be available for training.  This action will generate an email to the instrument manager.  They will be in contact with you  to schedule a training time.  Please note: You must have an activated FOM account and SEA paperwork authorizing you to use the equipment that you are requesting training for before you can schedule and be trained.