Rice Nanofabrication Facility

As part of the Shared Equipment Authority (SEA), Rice’s core lab facilities management organization, the Rice Nanofabrication Facility and its staff constitutes a critical element of the university’s research infrastructure. The new cleanroom reopened in January 2019 in the basement of the Space Science and Technology building and consists of more than 2800 sq ft of Class 100 (ISO 5) process bays, with more than 3000 sq ft of back end work space and service chases. Additionally, auxiliary support spaces house dedicated facilities supplying HVAC, ultra high purity compressed gases, and electronic grade ultrapure water. This essential core facility leverages a suite of research-scale semiconductor industry tools to enable device fabrication for such diverse applications as materials science, microelectronics, microfluidics, nanotechnology, neuroengineering, and photonics. It supports over 120 unique users per calendar year from 10 departments across the schools of engineering and science, representing over two dozen faculty stakeholders from Rice alone, plus more from other institutions of the Texas Medical Center, the University of Houston, and the commercial sector.


Space Science and Technology Building, Basement 06


Training Contacts
Tim Gilheart
Jing Guo
Carlos Gramajo

Faculty in Charge
Rafael Verduzco

Rice Nanofabrication Facility Access

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