Provost’s TMC Collaborator Fund

The Award:

The Provost’s TMC Collaborator Fund is available to Rice faculty in all disciplines that awards seed grants up to $50,000 for new collaborative research projects with faculty of TMC health-related institutions. Rice ENRICH will fund half to the Rice co-PI, with matching support required of the collaborator at his/her institution. The seed grants should lead to self-sustaining, nationally competitive research programs that will address critically important problems in or relevant to health care.

Proposal Timeline:

Proposals are submitted and reviewed and funds are awarded on a rolling basis, year-round.

Fund Information:

  • Seed grants from the Provost’s TMC Collaborator Fund will be awarded depending on the quality of the proposals, the fit to the mission of the program, and the total funds matched by the partner institutions. (In-kind support, in lieu of matched funds by the TMC partner is also allowed.)
  • Following submission of the proposal, the co-PIs will be notified within 3 weeks if the project will be funded. The award period begins on the date announced in the award letter and ends 12 months later, with a project mid-term report due at 7 months from the award start date and a final report due at the end of the award period. All proposals must have a planned duration not to exceed 12 months.
  • The total amount requested in a given proposal cannot exceed $50,000 in direct costs (equal support by each institution of $25,000). Facilities and administrative costs (F&A) are not permitted to be charged to the Fund.

How to apply:

Eligibility, criteria and proposal requirements and submission can be found here.

Submit completed applications via email to Sharon Pepper at

The Provost’s TMC Collaborator Fund is facilitated by the Rice ENRICH office. Contact Sharon Pepper at with questions about the fund and/or the seed grant application process.