Funded Awards

The Office of Research at Rice is committed to supporting and amplifying creative research and scholarship. The following projects were awarded for the 2023-24 academic year.

Funded projects for the Sustainable Futures Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the ARPA-H Strategic Initiative Seed Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Technology Development Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Provost's TMC Collaborator Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the COVID-19 Research Fund can be found here.

Conference and Workshop Development Fund (Fall 2023)

International Space University Space Studies Program 2024 (ISU SSP24)
David Alexander, Physics and Astronomy
Greg Marshall, Public Affairs

Flat Bands, Strong Correlations and Topology
Ming Yi, Physics & Astronomy
Pengcheng Dai, Physics & Astronomy
Qimiao Si, Physics & Astronomy
Yonglong Xie, Physics & Astronomy

Rice Global & International History Seminar Series
Nana Osei-Opare, History

The Environment in West Africa
Gunel Gokce, Anthropology
Nana Osei-Opare, History

International Conference on Enhanced Machine Learning (ML) for Coastal Resilience in Houston: Bridging Theory and Practice
Philip Bedient, Civil & Environmental Engineering
James Doss-Gollin, Civil & Environmental Engineering

KIUR Workshop Series to Develop a Comprehensive Housing Plan for Houston
Ruth Lopez Turley, Sociology
Dan Potter, Kinder Institute

Health Equity Workshop
Momona Yamagami, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Luz Maria Garcini, Psychological Sciences
Guha Balakrishnan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Xia Ben Hu, Computer Sciences

Altered Origins: An Experimental Symposium
Tania Tovar Torres, Architecture

Seminar on Stochastic Processes 2024
Frederi Viens, Statistics
Guodong Pang, Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research

Digital Health: Next-generation Computational Bio-imaging
Lei Li, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Anna Karin Gustavsson, Bio Sciences
Yimo Han, Materials Science & Nanoengineering
George Lu, Bioengineering

Future of Work: Rice University’s Human-Autonomy Teaming Summit
Eduardo Salas, Psychological Sciences
Vaibhav Unhelkar, Computer Science

Texas Biodiversity Symposium
Tom Miller, BioSciences
Kory Evans, BioSciences
Scott Egan, BioSciences
Sylvia Dee, Civil & Environmental Engineering

BUILDING ECOLOGIES: Collective Urban Infrastructures
Juan Jose Castellon Gonzalez, Architecture

JUNCTIONS US-Japan International Research Conference
Geoff Wehmeyer, Mechanical Engineering
Junichiro Kono, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mineral alteration products on Earth, Mars, and beyond: Exploring synergies between research communities
Mark Torres, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

School of Social Sciences NSF CAREER Workshop Faculty Funding
Rachel Kimbro, Social Sciences

RUNS Funding Proposal '24
Jon Flynn, BioSciences

WIPOS 2023- Winter In-Person Organic Symposium
Laszlo Kurti, Chemistry

Toward Rice/Baker Institute Leadership of the Houston Brain Capital Industry Strategy
Harris Eyre, Baker Institute

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Fall 2023)

Paper Roof
Georgina Baronian, Architecture

Appartamento Aperto: At Home with Marco Zanuso (Book)
Shantel Blakely, Architecture

Material Eco-systems: Digital, Physical, and Cultural Assemblies
Juan Jose Castellon, Architecture

Projections: Exhibiting the invisible, distant and out-of-focus
Tania Tovar Torres, Architecture

Sixth Sphere
Brittany Utting, Architecture

Animación, maravilla y espectáculo en la España de la modernidad temprana (publication subsidy)
Esther Fernandez, Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures

Gender by the Book: French Children's Literature in the Twenty-First Century
Julie Fette, Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures

"The Younger Set" Installation at The Contemporary Art Museum Houston
Lisa Lapinski, Art

Where Are You From
Tomas Morin, English

The Voice of Brubeck
Arthur Gottschalk, Music

Sweet and Doleful Timbres: A recording/album with Timothy McAllister, saxophone, Jason Vieaux, guitar, and Liz Ames, piano
Pierre Jalbert, Music