Funded Awards

The Office of Research at Rice is committed to supporting and amplifying creative research and scholarship. Since its creation in 2016, the Creative Ventures Funds has awarded more than $5 million. The following projects were awarded for the 2022-23 academic year.

Funded projects for the Sustainable Futures Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the ARPA-H Strategic Initiative Seed Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Technology Development Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Provost's TMC Collaborator Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the COVID-19 Research Fund can be found here.

Conference and Workshop Development Fund (Spring 2023)

International Society for the Study of Surrealism
Graham Bader, Art History

US National Academies Workshop on Engineering Innovation for Health
Gang Bao, Bioengineering

The Abolitionist’s Tea Party and Apothecary
Natasha Bowdoin, Visual and Dramatic Arts

2023 Ignite Entrepreneurship Silicon Valley Conference
Brad Burke, Rice Alliance
Paul Cherukuri, Innovation
Kaz Karwowski, Rice Center for Engineering Leadership

Who Decides? Advancing Research, Assessing Risk, and Sharing Responsibility
Luis Campos, History
Kirstin Matthews, Baker Institute

Foucault 2024: Power, Knowledge, Ethics
Niki Clements, Religion

Promoting Ludwig Hilberseimer
Scott Colman, Rice Architecture

The Annual Texas Triangle International Relations Conference 2024
Songying Fang, Political Science

7th Annual Texas Medical Center Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship Conference
Natasha Kirienko, BioSciences

Dzogchen Texts & Contexts
Anne Klein, Religion

Climate change impacts on biodiversity
Tom Miller, BioSciences

Jacob Robinson, Bioengineering
Jerzy Szablowski, Bioengineering
Marcie O'Malley, Mechanical Engineering
Behnaam Aazhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

NAE Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
Omid Veiseh, Bioengineering

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Spring 2023)

Recording and Release of Compositions for Young Audiences
Karim Al-Zand, Shepherd School of Music
Michael Webster, Shepherd School of Music
Rachel Buchman, Shepherd School of Music

Meeting of Minds
Anthony Brandt, Shepherd School of Music

sisila ila ila: saying goodbye
Shih-Hui Chen, Shepherd School of Music

Living West as Feminists: Conversations about the Where of Us
Krista Comer, English

Shaping Identity on Republican Temples: Architectural Terracottas in Central Italy, 3rd-1st Cent. BCE
Sophie Crawford-Brown, Art History

Tirso de Molina: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Twenty-First Century
Esther Fernandez, Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures

Poetry Book Translation to German
Gisela Heffes, Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures

The Dynamic Spread of Buddhist Print Culture: Mapping Buddhist Book Roads in China and its Neighbors
Shih-shan Huang, Transnational Asian Studies

Works, Writings and Drawings
Carlos Jimenez, Rice Architecture

“El cuerpo como espejo de la desigualdad en México durante la segunda mitad del siglo veinte” (The Body as a Mirror of Inequality in Mexico during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century)
Moramay Lopez Alonso, History

Familia e fronteira no Brasil colonial
Alida Metcalf, History

Where Are You From
Tomas Morin, English

Inverse Utopia
Albert Pope, Rice Architecture

This Year Is Next Year's Last Year
Christopher Sperandio, Visual and Dramatic Arts

What is 'We'?
Ragini Srinivasan, English

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Ghosts of Modernity / Ghosts of the past: The Architecture of Guadalajara
Jesus Vassallo, Rice Architecture

Conference and Workshop Development Fund (Fall 2022)

Urban Flooding Resilience and Climate Challenges
Philip Bedient, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Xia Ben Hu, Computer Science

Aftermaths of Slavery and Dancing Bodies in the Americas: Workshop and Symposium with Dancer and Scholar LénaBlou
Jacqueline Couti, Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures

Sylvia Dee, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Joseph Campana, English
Mary Prendergast, Anthropology
Dominic Boyer, Anthropology
Arlei Lopes da Silva, Computer Science
James Doss-Gollin, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carrie Masiello, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Bargaining: Experiments, Empirics, and Theory (BEET)
Hulya Eraslan, Economics

Expanding the Rice Undergraduate Neuroscience Symposium
Jon Flynn, BioSciences

SPP10: an International Conference in Nanophotonics to be held at Rice University May 2023
Naomi Halas, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peter Nordlander, Physics and Astronomy
Christy Landes, Chemistry
Aditya Mohite, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

FLSML Workshop
Chris Jermaine, Computer Science
Anshumali Shrivastava, Computer Science
Vladimir Braverman, Computer Science

2nd Winter In-Person Organic Symposium (WIPOS 2022)
Laszlo Kurti, Chemistry

Future-proof Distributed/Federated ML Computing
Anastasios Kyrillidis, Computer Science
Yingyan Lin, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cesar Uribe, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The 11th Strategy Symposium on Emerging Markets
Haiyang Li, Jones Graduate School of Business
Prashant Kale, Jones Graduate School of Business

1st Workshop on the Muon-Ion Collider
Wei Li, Physics and Astronomy
Darin Acosta, Physics and Astronomy

Texas Astrophysics and Cosmology Symposium (TACOS)
Andrew Long, Physics and Astronomy
Mustafa Amin, Physics and Astronomy

Christopher Sperandio, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Garden Ecologies Symposium
Maggie Tsang, Rice Architecture

Developing a Statewide Research-Practice-Policy Partnership ("RP3")
Ruth Turley, Kinder Institute
Erin Baumgartner, Kinder Institute

Texas Regional Robotics Symposium 2023
Vaibhav Unhelkar, Computer Science
Daniel Preston, Mechanical Engineering
Kaiyu Hang, Computer Science

Synthetic Innovations towards a Cure for Cancer (SICC)
Han Xiao, Chemistry
Antonios Mikos, Bioengineering

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Fall 2022)

Music for Strings
Anthony Brandt, Shepherd School of Music

Speculations on Sovereignty: Shakespeare’s Once and Future Child
Joseph Campana, English

Comparing Christianities: An Introduction to the New Testament and the First Christians
April DeConick, Religion

Títeres de lo imposible
Esther Fernandez, Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures

Four Generations - Music for Cello and Piano
Arthur Gottschalk, Shepherd School of Music

Jeffrey Kripal, Religion

"American Landscapes" and "Current and Flow"
Kurt Stallmann, Shepherd School of Music

Big, Hot, and Sticky: Designing Houston's Urban Ecosystem
Maggie Tsang, Rice Architecture

MESO-COSM: Architectures of Planetary Care
Brittany Utting, Rice Architecture

Speculative: Black Art Practices of the West
Olivia Young, Art History