Funded Awards

The Office of Research at Rice is committed to supporting and amplifying creative research and scholarship. Since its creation in 2016, the Creative Ventures Funds has awarded more than $4 million. The following projects were awarded for Spring and Fall 2021.

Funded projects for the Provost's TMC Collaborator Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund can be found here.
Funded projects for the COVID-19 Research Fund can be found here.

Conference and Workshop Development Fund (Fall 2021)

Post-Harvey Climate & Flood Impacts on the Built Environment
Philip Bedient, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joseph Campana, Center for Environmental Studies
Randall Hall, History

Thanks for the Ride: Biotic Vectors of Dispersal
Adrienne Correa, BioSciences
Tom Miller, BioSciences

Biennial Symposium of the Historians of Islamic Art Association
Farshid Emami, Art History

SoWEPS - Southern Workshop in Empirical Political Science
Jonathan Homola, Political Science
Connor Huff, Political Science
Michelle Torres, Political Science

The Science and Engineering of Everything Quantum
Alberto Pimpinelli, Smalley-Curl Institute
Junichiro Kono, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Sixth Sphere
Albert Pope, Architecture
Brittany Utting, Architecture

Digital Health Research Cluster
Ashutosh Sabharwal, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lydia Kavraki, Computer Science
Todd Treangen, Computer Science
Angela Wilkins, Ken Kennedy Institute

Workforce Development Incubator Summit
Eduardo Salas, Psychological Sciences

2022 Joint Rice Center for Quantum Materials and Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Conference
Qimiao Si, Rice Center for Quantum Materials

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Fall 2021)

Wild Eyed
Natasha Bowdoin, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Kassandra and The Leader Recording
Anthony Brandt, Shepherd School of Music
Karim Al-Zand, Shepherd School of Music

Drawing the Curtain
Esther Fernandez, Modern and Classical Literatures

(Im)material Matters II
Liz Galvez, Architecture

Uriah Kriegel, Philosophy

Soundscape Houston
Ian Schimmel, English

Red, White and You Blew It All 2 Hell!
Christopher Sperandio, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Maggie Tsang, Architecture

Texas Forests and the CCC
Brittany Utting, Architecture

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Spring 2021)

The Places of Modernity in Mexican American Literature and Culture, 1848-1948
Jose Aranda, English

TECHNOLOGY SEQUENCE (ARCH 207/507 & 309/509): Experimental Models of Space and Structure
Juan Jose Castellon Gonzalez, Architecture

Foucault's Christianities
Niki Clements, Religion

The Unsafe Stage: Daring Adaptations, Creative Failures and Experimental Performances in Iberian Theatre
Esther Fernandez, Modern and Classical Literatures

System of Novelties
Dawn Finley, Architecture

Poetry Book Translation: El cero móvil de su boca / Le zéro mobile de sa bouche
Gisella Heffes, Modern and Classical Literatures

Won Buddhism of Houston
Carlos Jimenez, Architecture

Drunk Hawing Catalogue
Lisa Lapinski, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Let Me Count the Ways: a Memoir
Tomas Morin, English

Greenie Josephinie
Christopher Sperandio, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Nueva Vivienda: New Housing Paradigms in Mexico
Jesus Vassallo, Architecture

Lifelines: Paul Celan's Poetry and Poetics
Klaus Weissenberger, Modern and Classical Literatures

A Trail of Marvels: Mexico and the Day of the Dead
Geoff Winningham, Visual and Dramatic Arts