Funded Awards

The Office of Research at Rice is committed to supporting and amplifying creative research and scholarship. Since its creation in 2016, the Creative Ventures Funds has awarded more than $4 million. The following projects were awarded for Spring and Fall 2020.

Funded projects for the Provost's TMC Collaborator Fund can be found here.

Funded projects for the Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund can be found here.

Funded projects for the COVID-19 Research Fund can be found here.

InterDisciplinary Excellence Awards (IDEA) (Fall 2020)

Rice Space Radiation Laboratory
David Alexander, Physics and Astronomy
Pulickel Ajayan, Materials Science and Nanoengineering
Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Pablo Yepes, Physics and Astronomy
Stephen Bradshaw, Physics and Astronomy
Devika Subramanian, Computer Science
Ashok Veeraraghavan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dan Wagner, BioSciences
Robert Vajtai, Materials Science and Nanoengineering

Molecular Interactions in Biomembranes
Jason Hafner, Physics and Astronomy
Lisa Biswal, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Angel Marti, Chemistry

Classical Optimization Meets Quantum Computation for Practical Quantum Approximation Optimization Algorithms
Anastasios Kyrillidis, Computer Science
Kaden Hazzard, Physics and Astronomy
Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Civil and Environmental Engineering

3-Dimensional Imaging and Visualization of Intracellular Membranes Involved in Sensory Transduction
Rob Raphael, Bioengineering
Michael Stern, BioSciences
James McNew, BioSciences

Designing Modular Photo-reactors for Simultaneous Nitrate Removal and Natural Gas Processing
Thomas Senftle, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Aditya Mohite, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Gabriel Collins, Baker Institute for Public Policy

Understanding and Controlling Magnetism in Flatland
Ming Yi, Physics and Astronomy
Aditya Mohite, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Doug Natelson, Physics and Astronomy

Conference and Workshop Development Fund (Spring 2020)

Social Human Rights and the State
Elizabeth Brake, Philosophy

In the Path of Disaster(s)
Jacqueline Couti, Modern and Classical Literatures
Luis Duno-Gottberg, Modern and Classical Literatures

Experiential Learning at THC Plantation Sites
Jeffrey Fleisher, Anthropology
Molly Morgan, Anthropology

SPP10: Surface Plasmon Photonics
Naomi Halas, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peter Nordlander, Physics and Astronomy

International Society for Socratic Studies
Donald Morrison, Philosophy
Harvey Yunis, Modern and Classical Literatures

WANDA 2020: Advanced Neural Data Analysis
Xaq Pitkow, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Genevera Allen, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ankit Patel, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kresimir Josic, BioSciences

Hearing Loss: Scientific Aspects and Technological Solutions
Robert Raphael, Bioengineering
Akane Sano, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Simon Fischer-Baum, Psychological Sciences
Vivian Ho, Economics

Defining Latinx in the US: Language, Race, and Ideology
Rafael Salaberry, Modern and Classical Literatures
Jose Aranda, English
Michel Achard, Linguistics
Aisulu Raspayeva, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication

Topological Materials and Electron Correlations
Qimiao Si, Physics and Astronomy
Pengcheng Dai, Physics and Astronomy
Matthew Foster, Physics and Astronomy
Ming Yi, Physics and Astronomy

Technologies and Cities
Moshe Vardi, Computer Science
William Fulton, Kinder Institute for Urban Research
Kyle Shelton, Kinder Institute for Urban Research
Ed Emmett, Baker Institute for Public Policy

Ethics in AI-Augmented Education
Moshe Vardi, Computer Science
Kathi Fletcher, OpenStax

2020 Rice SIMS Workshop
Rafael Verduzco, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Tanguy Terlier, Shared Equipment Authority

Geometric Analysis and Its Applications
Michael Wolf, Mathematics

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Fall 2020)

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (SBAU) 2021
Juan Jose Castellon

Inverse Utopia
Albert Pope

Brittany Utting

or/and, a 75-minute multimedia work for chamber ensemble and narrator performer
Shih-Hui Chen

A Rudder for The Ship of Fools?: Bosch’s Franciscans as Jongleurs of God
Peter Loewen

Cervantes’s Theatrical Revelations
Esther Fernandez

Dislocating Writing: Latin America Rewrites Estados Unidos
Gisela Heffes

Modernity at Gunpoint. Firearms, Politics, and Culture in Mexico and Central America
Sophie Esch

More City Than Water: A Houston Flood Atlas
Lacy Johnson

John Sparagana

Art and Posthumanism: Essays and Conversations
Cary Wolfe

Freud and Religion: Advancing the Dialogue
William Parsons

Scholarly and Creative Works Subvention Fund (Spring 2020)

Transfers II
Viola Ago, Architecture

Poisoned Abstraction: Kurt Schwitters' *Merz* between Revolution and Exile
Graham Bader, Art History

Maneater and Sideways to the Sun
Natasha Bowdoin, Visual and Dramatic Arts

Sex, Sea, and Self: Nationalism and Sexuality in French Caribbean Discourses, 1924-1948
Jacqueline Couti, Modern and Classical Literatures

Horizons of Phenomenology
Steven Crowell, Philosophy

The Making of Illusions: Performing Animation in Early Modern Spain
Esther Fernandez, Modern and Classical Literatures

El Cero Movil De Su Boca
Gisela Heffes, Modern and Classical Literatures

Mapping an Atlantic World, circa 1500
Alida Metcalf, History

Music of Exile
Benjamins Kamins, Shepherd School of Music