Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund

Given renewed national attention and action concerning the scope and consequences of systemic racism in American life, and in an effort to support the V2C2 plan to Expand Access, Diversity, and Inclusiveness, we are pleased to announce internal research funding aimed at better understanding and addressing how race, racism, and racial injustice affect society today, and furthering the opportunities for policies and actions that will help achieve our goals of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive university and broader society.

The Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund is open to all Rice faculty, welcomes partnerships with other institutions, private industry, and the City of Houston, and will also support highly innovative course development bound to the research area. The highest priority projects are those that can have an impact on our campus community, and on the City of Houston. The call for research proposals closed on August 14, 2020.

Awarded Projects

The Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund Oversight and Review Committee announced the following projects to receive funding. More information about the projects can be found in the September 16 Rice News feature.

“Locked out of Place: How Felony Conviction History Shapes Residential Opportunity and Racial Segregation”
Brielle Bryan (Sociology), Arko Barman (Data to Knowledge)

“Black Life in Houston: An Atlas of Racial Inequity, Displacement, and Integration”
Fares el-Dahdah (Humanities Research Center), Jennifer Bratter (Sociology), Jeffrey Fleisher (Anthropology), Fabiola Lopez-Duran (Art History), Molly Morgan (Anthropology), Brian Riedel (Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality), Elizabeth Roberto (Sociology), Moshe Vardi (Computer Science), Fay Yarbrough (History), Nicole Waligora-Davis (English), Lora Wildenthal (History)

“Architecture Without Boundaries”
Reto Geiser (Architecture), Carolyn Nichol (Office of STEM Engagement)

“Media Bias in the Perceived Viability of BIPOC Candidates”
Matthew Hayes (Political Science), Diana O'Brien (Political Science)

“Antiracism in Academic Advising: Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in High-Stress Times and Contexts”
Danielle King (Psychological Sciences), Michelle Hebl (Psychological Sciences), Jo Nelson (Mathematics)

“Assessing Subtle Racism against Black and Hispanic Patients to Reduce Health Disparities”
Eden King (Psychological Sciences), Winston Liaw (University of Houston), Scott Tonidandel (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

“The Racial Geography Project”
Fabiola Lopez-Duran (Art History)

“Framing a Protest: Determinants and Effects of Visual Depictions of the Black Lives Matter Movement”
Michelle Torres (Political Science)