Conflict of Interest (COI)

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Rice University continues to lead as a research university dedicated to improving our world. The RICE Values - Responsibility, Integrity, Community, and Excellence - stand out in our transparency in conducting ethical research.

Our Conflict of Interest team, within the Office of Research Integrity, works with scholars to manage the existence, or perceived existence of, conflicting ethical, legal, and professional obligations so the researcher, the research, and Rice University are all protected.

Mission Statement

The Office of Research Integrity is committed to supporting the Rice research community to reach the highest standards of research integrity and scholarly excellence. Most conflicts of interest, when properly disclosed, can be managed through transparency and other tools recommended by the Faculty Conflicts Committee (FCC). The Conflicts of Interest team supports the FCC with these determinations.

Faculty Conflicts Committee

Policy 218 provides that the Faculty Conflicts Committee (FCC) will be responsible for: (a) affirming or disputing identifications of COIs; and (b) recommending whether COIs can be managed or must be eliminated.

FCC Members

Yael Hochberg, chair Jones Graduate School of Business
Zachary Ball Chemistry
Matthias Heinkenschloss Computational and Applied Mathematics
Timothy Schroeder Philosophy
Jeffrey Tabor Bioengineering
Omid Veiseh Bioengineering
Rafael Verduzco Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Contact Us

Questions? Please see our FAQs page or email to contact the Office of Research Integrity’s compliance administrator for Conflicts of Interest.