IRB Forms & Guidance

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Category Form Name
Cayuse IRB Instructions How to submit a submission in Cayuse IRB
Cayuse IRB Instructions Submitting a New Study in Cayuse IRB
Cayuse IRB Instructions Instructions for Using the New IRB Form
Cayuse IRB Instructions Submitting a Renewal, Modification, Closure for IRBnet studies in Cayuse IRB
Consents Rice IRB Assent Form
Consents Rice IRB Consent Form_2018Rule
Consents Rice IRB Debriefing Form
Consents Rice IRB Online Research Survey Consent
Consents Rice IRB Parental Permission Form
Consents Rice IRB Verbal Consent Form
Guidance Classroom Research Guidance
Guidance Exempt Categories for Human Participant Research
Guidance International Research
Guidance Recruitment Guidance
Guidance Single IRBs and Reliance Agreements
Template IRB Annual Review Form
Template IRB Centralized Review Form (UTSystem)
Template Non-Rice Affiliated Study Member Form
Template Sample IRB Application
Form IDE Determination Form