Broader Impacts

R-STEM centralizes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) outreach efforts at Rice University. Our office supports the faculty of Rice University by facilitating collaborations between the scientific and educational communities and the development of interdisciplinary projects that draw upon concepts from multiple academic fields. R-STEM can assist Rice faculty with the services below.

Development of Broader Impacts

Assist faculty in responding effectively to the broader impacts standards of governmental funding agencies. We help faculty develop their ideas for Broader Impacts projects, and offer ideas on how these projects might fit into existing, well established programs.

Proposal Development and Program Design

Develop an outreach program befitting grant requirements:

  • Outlining plan and components to create an outreach program;
  • Advising on potential outreach partners;
  • Developing budget;
  • Drafting proposal language including facilities; and/or
  • Assist sunsetting programs with transitioning options.
Educational Community Collaboration

Facilitate collaborations between faculty and teachers and/or K-12 schools and districts. We can assist in acquiring letters of support from area K-12 educational institutions as needed to fulfill grant requirements.

Research and Safety Compliance

Assist in navigating research and laboratory safety requirements to ensure a program is compliant with University policy. Coordinate training as necessary for all outreach program participants prior to their active involvement in research on the Rice campus. Collect required forms/documentation including, but not limited to:

  • Liability release forms;
  • Photo release forms;
  • Parental consent forms;
  • Emergency contact forms; and/or
  • IRB approval support if required.
Evaluation and Documentation of Outreach Programs

Facilitate the evaluation of STEM education outreach programs. Program evaluation can include identifying survey instruments and tests to assess participant feedback, self-efficacy, and content knowledge, collecting and analyzing data for program reporting and research purposes. Develop and maintain a database of Rice University STEM outreach programs, participant information and research data to enable tracking and longitudinal studies.

STEM Outreach Program Coordination Services

Coordinate and manage the administrative component of K-12 teacher and student STEM outreach programs. Available services include:

  • Program marketing – flyers, brochures, other recruitment collateral;
  • Recruitment and selection – recruitment of participants via online applications, selection and notification of participants (accepted and rejected);
  • Management of forms – collecting required forms in accordance with University policies (release of liability, media release, emergency contact, parental consent, research informed consent, etc.);
  • Stipends/Certificates – preparing participant stipends and/or completion certificates;
  • Facilities – locating buildings and rooms on Rice campus to accommodate program needs such as classroom, meeting, and laboratory space; and/or
  • Shared Equipment Authority – scheduling training for participants.

For examples of ongoing faculty initiatives supported by R-STEM, visit out Faculty Initiatives page.

R-STEM Administration

If you have questions regarding broader impacts and how R-STEM can support your faculty initiative, contact us.

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