Faculty Resources

Below are commonly used forms and templates for submitting faculty proposals.

Budget Template

To help create budgets for career proposals, R-STEM has created the following templates by program type.

Career Proposal: General Budget Template

Career Proposal: RET Budget Template

Career Proposal: REU Budget Template

Budget Justification

Budget Justification Template

R-STEM Facilities

Boilerplate is text that has been created for use in one document that can subsequently be re-used — sometimes “as is” and sometimes with only minor revisions — in a new document. When you prepare a new research proposal, you’ll often find that using boilerplate can save you considerable time, as it eliminates the need to write standard text from scratch. Instead, you can simply pull the information you need from the relevant boilerplate document, then tailor it as needed for use in your new research proposal.

Template coming soon.

For more on how R-STEM can help, visit our Broader Impacts page.

R-STEM Administration

If you have questions regarding broader impacts and how R-STEM can support your faculty initiative, contact us.

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