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About Nano RET

RET participant presenting research at the Curly-Small Institute Symposium.

Nanotechnology RET is a year-long internship for Greater Houston Area K–12 teachers with a focus on nanotechnology and leadership. It includes a 6-week internship in one of Rice University's nanotechnology research laboratories to reinforce the understanding and appreciation of science as a process. Participants observe and actively work in innovative research while developing inquiry-based lesson plans that apply R-STEM and Rice research, using digital media and other strategies to bring the laboratory experience to students.

Participants not only give a poster presentation based on their summer research at the Engineering Research Symposium for Teachers, attend fall lesson planning workshops, and teach their research-based lessons at a spring NanoAcademy workshop for their students.

Participants are matched to a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher mentor who can help guide their research. Here are some of the Rice faculty who have hosted participants in their labs in the past!

Nano RET Benefits

Nano RET emphasizes inquiry-based learning where teachers conduct research and apply it in their classroom. Weekly activities engage participants to share their research experiences and brainstorm lesson ideas. Participants develop lesson materials based on their research experience and have the opportunity of publication. Participants also gain research presentation experience.

The Nano RET program opens the door to new ideas, connections, and enables teachers to collaborate with people that share the same passion for education and science.

2021–2022 Nano RET Program*

Participation in Nano RET requires attending both the summer and school year training sessions. Program dates and other program expectations are listed below.

Applications for this program closed on April 4, 2021. All forms were due by this date.

Summer Training

The summer portion of Nano RET includes:

  • A beginning 3-day workshop on engineering design, lesson development-based research, laboratory safety training, and digital media training;
    • ​Orientation takes place June 21-23, 2021
  • ​Research from June 21, 2021-July 30, 2021
  • Working with assigned graduate student/postdoctoral research mentors in a research laboratory;
  • Leadership seminars; and
  • The Engineering Research Symposium for Teachers, where participants will present their research (July 30, 2021).
School Year Training

The fall & spring portions of Nano RET include:

  • Three 3-hour evening workshops on engineering design and lesson plan development in the fall;
  • Sharing your research project and/or lesson plan at another R-STEM professional development program;
  • Co-leading a Saturday NanoAcademy for at least 15 students from your and other participants' schools in February;
  • Submitting your developed lesson plan to (or another reputable peer review venue) in March; and
  • Attending the RET Portfolio Closing Ceremony in April.

Applicants will be notified of their status by May 7, 2021. Space is very limited, therefore, completing the application process and being selected for an interview does NOT guarantee placement in the program.

Houston, TX area teachers of all grade levels and subjects are welcome to apply, but STEM teachers will receive priority consideration. Due to our funding agency, applicants must be U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident to apply. Once final candidates have been selected, all other interviewed applicants may be placed on a waitlist.

Housing for Rice University interns is available on campus for a fee, which can be subtracted from the internship stipend—please indicate interest in on-campus housing in your application.

Applicants will be required to submit:

  • An updated resume that lists education and employment history; and
  • A personal statement about why you are applying to the Nano RET program. This statement should be 1 page in length and will be used to determine selection and lab placement; and
  • A completed and signed Participant Acknowledgement Letter (PAL). By signing the form, the applicant agrees to participate in all required Nano RET sessions.

If you are unable to upload these documents to your application, you can email them to

Benefits & Expectations

The expectations of Nano RET interns include, but are not limited to:

  • Working full-time (40 hours) in the laboratory or on research each week of the summer internship;
  • Documenting summer hours and submitting time sheets on time;
  • Completing a poster on summer research;
  • Attending and presenting at the Engineering Research for Teachers Symposium;
  • Developing and submitting a lesson plan based on summer research;
  • Attending and presenting at a Saturday NanoAcademy; and
  • Timely completion and submission of all course assignments and homework.

For completing all program requirements, interns will receive:

  • 6-weeks worth of sustained and supported professional development at Rice University;
  • $7000 in stipends (spread out over the summer and school year);
  • Networking opportunities with fellow teachers; and
  • Training and guidance in presenting and creating original lesson plans.
Program Flyer

Below is copy of the Nano RET flyer. You can access a PDF version for download here.

Nano RET Flyer

    Nano RET Administration

    If you have any questions about Nano RET, you can contact the program lead.

    Isaias Cerda
    Associate Director for Science Education and English Language Learners
    713-348-3197 |

    *Program times, dates, locations, and compensation subject to change before the first day of the program.
    **Must be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident to apply.

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