Welcome to the Office of Research Development

Our Office’s mission is to serve faculty researchers as you conceptualize, develop, and write your proposals to federal agencies and other entities to seek funding for your research projects. We work across all disciplines, departments, and divisions, with the overarching goal of making the proposal as compelling and competitive as possible — and of making the proposal development process as straightforward and streamlined as possible.


Research Development Services Provided

We offer an extensive array of proposal development services:

  • Identify funding opportunities;
  • Conduct background research on sponsors’ missions and programmatic priorities;
  • Work with researchers to brainstorm and devise persuasive proposal strategies;
  • Provide comprehensive project management for large, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional proposals;
  • Integrate material written by multiple team members so that proposals read as if they were written in a single and consistent voice;
  • Vet, edit, and format proposals to ensure that all material is clearly, logically, and persuasively presented; and
  • Offer a wide variety of training events on proposal development and proposal writing.

For more detailed information about the services we offer, click on the “Proposal Services” tab. And, if you would like assistance with your proposal, simply click on the “Request Proposal Assistance” button at the top of this page.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you!