Project Closeout

The project period defines the time during which the scope of work must be accomplished. These procedures set forth steps for awards that are approaching the project end dates, processing invoices and expenditure adjustments. Upon award activation Rice University agrees to comply with the conditions established by the awarding sponsor for project closeout of a grant or contract. Reports required at the close of a project vary by the type of sponsored project and by sponsor. Typical closeout requirements include the timely submission of the following reports:

  • Technical/scientific report, submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) with a copy to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP);
  • Inventions report submitted by the PI to OSP;
  • Financial/expenditure report(s), cost sharing report and any needed final invoice, submitted by Research and Cost Accounting (RCA) in coordination with the PI and departmental administrator (DA);
  • Property/equipment report, submitted by Property Accounting in coordination with RCA.

Additional financial forms may also need to be submitted for contracts and subcontracts.

Timeliness of reporting is crucial to sound grants/contracts management to ensure compliance with sponsor requirements and reimbursement for costs incurred.

  • For awards from federal agencies, these reports are due within 90 to 120 calendar days of the award expiration (project end date);
  • For most federal flow-through projects, the reports are due 45-60 days after the project end date;
  • For state and other awards, the deadlines vary and may be shorter.

Inability or failure to submit reports within the stipulated time frame can result in the suspension of funding, non-payment of incurred costs, a loss of the ability to submit future proposals and/or a delay in the release of future funding for the investigator and/or the University. Internal university guidelines are set to ensure that sponsor requirements are met.

OSP should be contacted regarding any questions on non-financial reporting requirements. RCA should be contacted for any financial reporting questions, and RCA policies on closeouts can be found here.