Managing Award

The PI carries out the project work according to the scope, directing project staff and reporting progress to the sponsor as required. The PI also has responsibility for financial and project management. It is up to the PI to establish and provide clear roles and responsibilities for project and support staff.

The PI is responsible for compliance and ethical conduct in research such as:

  • Creating and adhering to the project timeline
  • Adhering to reporting requirements (i.e. progress reports)
  • Sub-award management- For subsequent funding periods, the PI or department admin will need to reach out to OSP in order to initiate new funding to the subrecipient.
  • Documentation and backup of project files
  • Any changes to the award agreement requires an Institutional Approval Form (i.e. no cost extensions, change in key personnel, etc.)
  • Procurement Requirements: be aware of Rice policies as well as sponsor policies on Travel, Food and Fun – what is and is NOT allowable
  • Effort Reporting and Tracking