Research Institutes and Centers

Research Institutes

Rice University has identified strategic areas of scholarship. Much of the work of these institutes of excellence are highly interdiciplinary, contributing to the advancement of science and technology in nanoscale science, in computing and information technology, quantum phenomena, and cross-disciplinary research and education encompassing the biological, chemical and engineering disciplines.

Collectively, these entities also create an outstanding environment for undergraduate and graduate education at Rice, enhance the research infrastructure, create novel opportunities through interdisciplinary cooperation and communicate scientific and technical knowledge to K-12 students and the public.

Research Centers

While working alongside Rice's Centers and Institutes of Excellence, ORDI strives to enhance Rice's position as a major research university, and to garner national and international recognition for its research endeavors.

In response to the current economic environment, the Office of Research Development and Infrastructure has taken the necessary steps to diversify and broaden its base of support for research. As we continue to assist faculty in finding funding for the research, education, and service missions of the University, we are helping to refine the University's research and development priorities, enabling faculty to better target the funding requests that we make to federal agencies, state government, foundations, corporations, and individuals. Strategically aligning our research and development activities in this way is crucial; as doing so will help us better compete in this environment.