Submit your COI Disclosure at our COI Risk Manager (COIRM) site, a web-based conflict of interest software that efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate issues. Rice faculty and staff can log in to COIRM using their NetID and password.

Disclose HERE or type https://rice.ospreycompliancesuite.com/coiriskmanager/ into your browser.


All faculty (research and teaching faculty); research staff in support positions; and students on sponsored projects or who have IP with Rice are required to complete a COI Disclosure.

Rice faculty, staff and students can log in to COIRM using NetID and password. If you are not able to log in, please contact conflicts@rice.edu for assistance. You may need a new account in order to gain access.


Users must update their COI Disclosure at least annually during the annual COI disclosure window (currently between December 1st and January 31st). In addition, a COI disclosure should be updated with any changes to outside activities or financial interests.

What's Next?

After a COI Disclosure is completed, the Office of Research Integrity will review those disclosures that have been flagged for potential conflicts. If a potential COI has been identified, the Faculty Conflicts Committee (FCC) will review the case and possibly implement a COI Management Plan.