Doing business with restricted entities

U.S. sanctions regulations restrict who U.S. persons (i.e., persons located in the U.S., U.S. citizens, and U.S. entities such as Rice University) may do business with, such as conducting financial transactions and shipping ANYTHING (whether or not the equipment, material or item is export controlled) to these individuals and entities.

The United States Department of Treasury maintains the Specially Designated and Blocked Persons List (“SDN List”). The SDN List a list of barred terrorists, narcotics traffickers, and persons and entities associated with embargoed regimes. Generally, all transactions (e.g., sending ANYTHING to those on the SDN List or conducting financial transactions with those individuals) are barred. The Departments of State and Commerce also maintain similar lists of sanctioned individuals.

Rice University has an account with Visual Compliance, a program that searches through the lists maintained by the agencies noted above and other government sanction lists. Contact us for more questions.