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No Rice employee, student, or visitor shall be discriminated against or be subject to any reprisal for reporting violations of any regulation or standards under the Animal Welfare Act.

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AssuranceRice University Animal Welfare Assurance
EthicsAnimal Program Code of Ethics
Federal PolicyAnimal Welfare Act
ProcedurePost Approval Monitoring (PAM) Example Checklist
A22-0501ProcedureRU Guidelines on Transfers of Animals from One Protocol To Another
A23-0703ProcedureRU Use and Safe Storage of Controlled Substances
A23-0501ProcedureRU Pain or Distress Categorization
A21-0101ProcedureRU Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Animal Pain and Distress in Rodents and Rabbits
A23-0601ProcedureRU Guidelines for Protocols involving Non-Metastasizing Subcutaneous Tumor Burden in Mice and Rats
A23-0602ProcedureRU Guidelines for Establishing Endpoints for all Types of Tumor Burdens
A23-0503ProcedureBlood Withdrawal and Substance Administration
A23-0701ProcedureRU Guidelines for Collection of Rodent Tissue Samples for Genotyping
A22-1102ProcedureRU Guidelines for Rodent Survival Surgery
A23-0505ProcedureRU Guidelines for Nesting Materials for Pregnant and Lactating Female Animals
A23-0506ProcedureRU Guidelines for Enrichment for Rodents
A23-0507ProcedureRU Guidelines for Enrichment for Rabbits
A23-0508ProcedureRU Exceptions to Social Housing
A22-0301ProcedureRU Guidelines for Euthanasia
A23-0509ProcedureRU Guidelines for Hazardous Materials Introduced into the Animal Facilities
A23-0702ProcedureRU Guidelines for the Preparation and Use of MS222 (TMS, Tricaine Methanesulfonate) for Animal Procedures
A21-0401ProcedureRU Guidelines for Protocol Review and Special Considerations
A23-0510ProcedureRU Rodent, Rabbit, and Fish Health Surveillance Program Colony Practices, Testing And Quarantine
A23-0605ProcedureRU Guidelines for Rodent And Rabbit Acclimatization After Shipping
A22-1101ProcedureProvision of Veterinary Medical Care
A24-0201ProtocolRU Guidelines on Changes and Modifications to approved IACUC Protocols
A23-0604TrainingRU Guidelines for Training in Humane Care and Use of Research Animals
A22-0201ProcedureRU Guidelines for Reporting of Unanticipated Research Outcomes
A20-0201ProcedureRU FORM for Reporting IACUC Adverse Event_Protocol Deviation
A23-0603ProcedureRU Selecting Scientific and Humane Endpoints in Animal Research Protocol
A23-0606ProcedureRU Guidelines for Investigation of Noncompliance Reportable Events
A23-0608ProcedureRU Guidelines on IACUC Protocol Review
A22-0101ProcedureRU IACUC Rodent Breeding Schemes Colony Management Guidelines
A23-1001ProcedureRU IACUC Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Guidelines
A24-0501ProcedureRU Guideline: Euthanasia of Research and Teaching Animals
A24-0502ProcedureRU Guideline: Expired Medical Materials in Research
A24-0503ProcedureRU Guideline: Pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Research
A24-0504Procedure RU Guidance: Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Laboratory Animals

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