IACUC Facility Inspections

“All PHS funded programs must conduct program reviews and facility inspections at least every 6 months. The standards in the Guide are used by the IACUC as the basis for conducting its reviews.” (OLAW)

According to OLAW “Facility reviews are a physical inspection of all buildings, rooms, areas, enclosures and vehicles (including satellite facilities in which animals are housed for more than 24 hours) that are used for animal confinement, transport, maintenance, breeding, or experiments inclusive of surgical manipulation. No member wishing to participate in an evaluation may be excluded from participating. The Animal Welfare Act and Regulations (AWAR) require animal study areas where regulated species are maintained for more than 12 hours to be included in the semiannual facility inspections.”

Monitoring of animal care and use is required by the PHS Policy. The Guide (p. 33) describes methods for continuing review to include “continuing protocol review; laboratory inspections (conducted either during regular facilities inspections or separately); veterinary or IACUC observation of selected procedures; observation of animals by animal care, veterinary, and IACUC staff and members; and external regulatory inspections and assessments.

Rice University IACUC Laboratory Guidelines Checklist

Areas Requiring Inspection

  • Animal Resources Facility (animal housing and support areas)
  • Laboratories that include animal study areas