IRB Protocol Submission and Review

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) conducts review and approval of research that involves human participants. IRB protocols are submitted through the Cayuse IRB submission system. The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance encourages all researchers without previous experience with the Cayuse IRB system to contact an IRB Administrator to receive guidance on using the system and obtaining a user account.

Training for Research with Human Participants
  • You should complete human subjects research training at the earliest stages of planning your research. Understanding and implementing foundational principles of human subjects research, such as informed consent and potential risks in data collection/storage, will help you design a sound protocol.
  • All personnel on IRB protocols (including principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, graduate or undergraduate students, non-Rice research project members, and community participants with access to data) are required to complete training courses prior to approval of the protocol. Training involves both a basic course and a responsible conduct of research course, as appropriate for your research protocol. Specific training required for each research protocol may vary, depending upon the research activities involved. Additional training guidance can be found here or you can contact an IRB Administrator at for guidance on appropriate training.
  • All IRB training at Rice uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) system. Rice University has arranged for Single Sign On (SSO) access to CITI, which allows you to use your Rice NetID and Password to log in to the system. New user accounts can be requested here.
  • After completion of the training modules, you may print your completion report through the "Print" link on the learner’s menu or save the certificate as a PDF. The PI on the protocol should keep a copy of research personnel training for their records, but training reports for Rice personnel do not need to be uploaded to the IRB protocol or provided to IRB Administrators; training will be verified independently at the time of protocol review. Training certificates for non-Rice personnel must be attached to IRB protocols, as this cannot be independently verified by IRB Administrative staff during review.
  • Non-Rice personnel also require the same training, although this may be required through their own institutional affiliations. Training certificates for non-Rice personnel must be uploaded into the IRB protocol at the indicated location, as IRB Administrators cannot independently verify this training.
Registration on the Cayuse IRB System
  • All IRB submissions at Rice University use the Cayuse IRB system, which can be accessed here.
  • All Rice personnel who will be listed on an IRB protocol will need to have an account in the Cayuse IRB system. New user accounts can be requested by faculty here.
  • Accounts can be generated for students or other non-PI personnel by having them complete and sign the Cayuse Account Security Agreement and then emailing the signed agreement.
  • Please allow up to 1 week for account generation.