Who is SCRO?

The Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) committee is a standing committee at Rice University that is responsible for the oversight of research that includes human embryonic or pluripotent stem cells or embryos.

What does SCRO do?

The SCRO committee reviews studies proposed by Rice researchers to ensure that it follows federal, state, and funding agency guidelines to ensure that the research has received appropriate scientific and ethical consideration. This duty is important to ensure that the research being performed is in the public interest.

The SCRO Committee at Rice University

Must be composed of a minimum of 5 members with at least 1 member not affiliated with Rice University. Of these at least one member must have expertise in the field of ethics or policy.

Institutional Biosafety Committee Members

Dr. Kirsten Matthews, Chair Policy Fellow, Baker Institute
Dr. Daniel Wagner BioSciences
Dr. Aryeh Warmflash BioSciences
James Cox Office of General Counsel
Dr. Jean Kim Baylor College of Medicine, Director BCM Human Stem Cell Core