Risk Areas

This page provides a general guide for common situations where Rice faculty, staff, and students should be aware of potential export control restrictions.

If your activities or research deal with ANY of the following, contact us, and we can help you determine whether any licensing requirements apply:

  • Receiving or sending confidential information (such as through a CDA/NDA) where publication restrictions or restrictions against foreign national participation may apply;
  • Shipments of research materials (including specimens sand samples) or scientific equipment abroad;
  • Research in the following areas:
    • Spacecraft, aviation, or satellite technologies;
    • Carbon nanotubes;
    • Technology specifically designed for military commodities or missile technologies;
    • Nuclear weapons or facilities;
    • Biological or chemical agents intended for military purposes;
  • Development or production of encryption software; or
  • An embargoed country (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria).

However, export controls regulations are very nuanced and not all relevant university activities may not be outlined above. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your particular situation.