Rice University National Security Research Accelerator

What is RUNSRA and How Can I Participate?

General Murray visit to Rice University

What is the Rice University National Security Research Accelerator (RUNSRA)?

RUNSRA is a new Rice effort to coordinate and enhance our research related to national security requirements and opportunities.  Our goal is to enhance national security by accelerating the discovery, development, and transition of technologies into military and civilian applications through scientific and engineering collaborations with academia, business, industry, and government partners.  We will work with faculty and students in all Rice departments to provide contacts for national security support, to coordinate national security research across the Rice campus, and to seek new areas for sponsored research based on emerging needs and opportunities.

What are the current research areas of interest for RUNSRA, as well as future directions?

RUNSRA currently includes research in advanced materials processing, high-speed autonomous networks, and innovative energetic materials.  This work is currently sponsored by the Army Futures Command through the Army Research Laboratory.  We hope to leverage this initial investment to secure funding from the Navy, Air Force, DARPA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Homeland Security.  Future areas of research could include synthetic biology, bioengineering, quantum materials, and other topics.  RUNSRA is also working to develop partnerships with international collaborators, including NATO, India, and other partner Nations.

How can researchers get involved with RUNSRA?

If you are involved in research sponsored by any part of the national security enterprise, we would love to learn about your efforts.  We can help you find other potential sources of support within the national security enterprise and help to find other universities doing related work in your area.  If you are seeking to find support from the national security enterprise, RUNSRA can help you find programs that may fit your ideas.  We can make introductions to government program managers who manage research and development programs of interest to Rice faculty.  We will work to make sure Rice faculty and students are aware of funding and collaboration opportunities within funding agencies, national laboratories, and industry.  Please contact us to learn more!!