Developing Proposal

PI’s will prepare a proposal package for submission to a sponsor in Cayuse SP, Cayuse 424, and/or the applicable submission portal for the sponsor. Please note: a Cayuse SP submission is needed for all grant submissions. Proposal Preparation Procedures can be found here.

The following points will assist you with the proposal preparation process:

  • Understanding the FOA: Every funding opportunity is unique even within a single sponsoring organization. Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions – especially the fine print. Deadlines, allowable charges, limits on overhead, travel and budget caps differ between FOAs.
  • Budget Development: The Department Admin will work with the PI to develop the proposal budget and justification according to the terms and conditions of the FOA and OSP policy. The Department Admin will play a valuable role in assuring accuracy in items such as fringe and overhead rates, allowable expenses and some standard language for budget justification.
  • Planning for an audit: Planning and preparation for an audit begins at the start of the process. Understand what is allowable and allocable when planning your budget. When in doubt – save everything in a project folder. Food is a red flag on most grants. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of the funding opportunity to see if food is an allowable cost. Alcohol is not permitted on any grant.
  • Multi-site collaboration: A convenient site which may serve as a repository for proposal documents is Subscriptions are free and the site is easily accessible via the internet. It is vital for all parties to be on the same page in regards to the project. Communication is key in a multi-site collaboration.
  • Industry agreements: The agreement terms and conditions must be reviewed and negotiated between The Office of Technology Transfer and the sponsor.
  • Standard forms: There are standardized forms available for use in developing your proposal documents.