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Grant Specialist
Contract Specialist
ArchitectureBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
AthleticsAaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
Bioengineering [BIOE]Aaron ParvisLaurie Sandel
BioSciencesStacy RidlingHeidi Thornton
Boniuk Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious ToleranceConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Bonner Nuclear LaboratoryStacy RidlingHeidi Thornton
Brown School of EngineeringBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Center for EducationBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Center for Excellence and Equality in Education [CEEE]Barnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning [CTTL]Concierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Center for Theoretical Biological Physics [CTBP]Barnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering [CBE/CHBE]Concierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Chemistry [CHEM]Stacy RidlingHeidi Thornton
Civil & Environmental Engineering [CEE]Concierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Computational & Applied Mathematics [CAAM]Barnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
Computer ScienceConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Earth, Environmental and Planetary SciencesStacy RidlingLaurie Sandel
Electrical & Computer Engineering [ECE]Aaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
Facilities Engineering & Planning [FE&P]Concierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Glasscock School of Continuing StudiesBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies [GPS]Aaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
Gulf Coast Consortia [GCC]Aaron ParvisLaurie Sandel
Hobby CenterConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Humanities: Art History, Classical Studies, English, French Studies, German, Hispanic & Religious Studies, History, Visual & Dramatic Arts, Chao Center for Asian Studies, Linguistics, Philosophy, Humanities Research Center, Jewish StudiesConcierge TeamLaurie Sandel
Institute for Biosciences and Bioengineering [IBB]Aaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy [BIPP]Barnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
Jones Graduate School of BusinessConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Ken Kennedy Institute for Information TechnologyBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Kinder Institute for Urban ResearchBarnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
KinesiologyStacy RidlingHeidi Thornton
Materials Science and NanoEngineering [MSNE]Barnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
MathematicsBarnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
Mechanical EngineeringConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Moody Center for the ArtsConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
National Corrosion CenterConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Office of Research - Centers (CEHI, IRSO, iBIO, NEWT, RCQM, r-STEM, R2i, RSI, RUCCAM, Rice Army Initiatives)Barnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
OpenStaxBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Oshman Engineering and Design KitchenAaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
Physics & Astronomy [PHYS]Stacy RidlingHeidi Thornton
Provost’s OfficeAaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
Rice 360 Institute for Global HealthAaron ParvisLaurie Sandel
Rice Alliance for Technology and EntrepreneurshipConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Rice Design AllianceConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Rice Digital LearningBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Rice University School Mathematics Project [RUSMP]Barnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
School Science and Technology [SST]Barnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Shell Center for SustainabilityAaron ParvisHeidi Thornton
Shepherd School of MusicConcierge TeamHeidi Thornton
Smalley Curl-InstituteBarnabas ChoHeidi Thornton
Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Houston Education Research Consortium [HERC], Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Texas Policy LabBarnabas ChoLaurie Sandel
StatisticsConcierge TeamLaurie Sandel
Vice Provost’s OfficeAaron ParvisHeidi Thornton

Effective July 2021

Please note:

  • All award contracts, subawards, etc. are negotiated by Heidi Thornton and Laurie Sandel.
  • All Welch Foundation grants are handled by Stacy Ridling and Heidi Thornton.