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Grant Specialist / OPAS* Pre-Award Specialist
Contract Specialist
School of ArchitectureOPAS - Katherine Aleman-AlanizLydia Tkachenko
Assessment and Evaluation of STEM ProgramsOPAS - Felix GadiLaurie Sandel
Bioengineering [BIOE]Diane LatsonLaurie Sandel
BioSciencesStacy RidlingLydia Tkachenko
Boniuk Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious ToleranceSabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Center for Excellence and Equality in Education [CEEE]Sabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning [CTTL]OPAS - Andrea GalindoLydia Tkachenko
Center for Theoretical Biological Physics [CTBP]Sabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering [CBE/CHBE]OPAS - Katherine Aleman-AlanizLydia Tkachenko
Chemistry [CHEM]Stacy RidlingLydia Tkachenko
Civil & Environmental Engineering [CEE]OPAS - Judy ColvinLydia Tkachenko
Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research [CMOR]OPAS - Andrea GalindoLaurie Sandel
Computer ScienceStacy RidlingLydia Tkachenko
Doerr Institute for New LeadersOPAS - Felix GadiLydia Tkachenko
Earth, Environmental and Planetary SciencesSabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Electrical & Computer Engineering [ECE] includes NeuroSabrina FeeleyLaurie Sandel
George R. Brown School of Engineering (Dean's Office)Sabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Glasscock School of Continuing StudiesSabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies [GPS]Diane LatsonLydia Tkachenko
Gulf Coast Consortia [GCC]Diane LatsonLaurie Sandel
Humanities: Art History, Classical Studies, English, French Studies, German, Hispanic & Religious Studies, History, Art, Chao Center for Asian Studies, Linguistics, Philosophy, Humanities Research Center, Jewish StudiesOPAS - Andrea GalindoLaurie Sandel
Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering [IBB] / Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology [SSPB]Diane LatsonLydia Tkachenko
James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy [BIPP]Sabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
Jones Graduate School of BusinessOPAS - Andrea GalindoLydia Tkachenko
Ken Kennedy Institute for Information TechnologyOPAS - Katherine Aleman-AlanizLydia Tkachenko
Kinder Institute for Urban Research / Houston Education Research Consortium [HERC]Sabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
KinesiologyStacy RidlingLydia Tkachenko
Materials Science and NanoEngineering [MSNE]Sabrina FeeleyLydia Tkachenko
MathematicsSabrina FeeleyLaurie Sandel
Mechanical EngineeringOPAS - Gabby GalvanLydia Tkachenko
Medical Humanities Research InstituteOPAS - Katie Ta Lydia Tkachenko
Moody Center for the ArtsOPAS - Andrea GalindoLydia Tkachenko
Office of Research: Advanced Biomanufacturing Initiative [iBIO], Data to Knowledge Lab [D2K], Rice Robotics Initiative [R2i], The IONSabrina FeeleyLaurie Sandel
Office of Research - IRSO: Carbon Hub, Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment [NEWT], Rice Office of STEM Engagement [r-STEM], Precise Advanced Technologies and Health Systems for Underserved Populations [Paths-Up], Rice Center for Quantum Materials [RCQM], Rice Space Institute [RSI], Rice University National Security Research Accelerator [RUNSRA]Sabrina FeeleyLaurie Sandel
OpenStaxSabrina FeeleyLaurie Sandel
Oshman Engineering and Design KitchenDiane LatsonLydia Tkachenko
Physics & Astronomy / Bonner Nuclear LaboratoryStacy RidlingLydia Tkachenko
Provost’s OfficeDiane LatsonLydia Tkachenko
Rice 360 Institute for Global HealthDiane LatsonLaurie Sandel
Rice Alliance for Technology and EntrepreneurshipOPAS - Gabby GalvanLydia Tkachenko
Rice Design AllianceOPAS - Andrea GalindoLydia Tkachenko
Rice University School Mathematics Project [RUSMP]Sabrina FeeleyLaurie Sandel
Shepherd School of MusicOPAS - Andrea GalindoLydia Tkachenko
Smalley Curl-Institute / Applied Physics Graduate ProgramDiane LatsonLydia Tkachenko
Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychological Sciences, Texas Policy LabDiane LatsonLaurie Sandel
StatisticsOPAS - Felix GadiLydia Tkachenko
Synthetic Biology InstituteOPAS - Katie Ta Lydia Tkachenko

Effective May 16, 2024

*The Office of Pre-Award Administration Services (OPAS)

Please note:

  • All award contracts, subawards, etc. please contact
  • All Welch Foundation grants are handled by Stacy Ridling.