Office of Sponsored Projects Office of Research Integrity
Aaron Parvis Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Projects 713-348-5584 Mickey Stevenson Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity 713-348-6200
Laurie Sandel Contracts Specialist 713-348-6203 Sarah Viranda IACUC Manager 713-348-2342
Lydia Tkachenko Contracts Specialist 713-348-3505 Lisa Mosley Assistant Operations Director, Animal Resources Facility 713-348-3884
Stacy Ridling Assistant Director for Grants 713-348-6173 Tenisha Smith Breland IACUC Administrator 713-348-3792
Sabrina Feeley Grant Specialist 713-348-2452 Daniel Kirienko Research Integrity Administrator 713-348-3586
Diane Latson Grant Specialist 713-348-5072 Amani Dotson IRB Administrator 713-348-2907
C. Lee Taylor Data Analyst 713-348-4189 Deonne McNeill IRB Administrator 713-348-4390
Shel Gao Business Systems Analyst 713-348-3876 Romel Walker Compliance Analyst 713-348-3801
Office of Pre-Award Administration Services Swapna Hegde Export Controls Analyst 713-348-5911
Katie Ta Assistant Director, Pre-Award Administration Services 713-348-4819 Duaine Priestley Export Controls Analyst 713-348-3773
Andrea Galindo Pre-Award Specialist 713-348-6184 Gabrielle Panzo COI Administrator 713-348-3279
Felix Gadi Pre-Award Specialist 713-348-4589 Angela Boudreaux Copeland Office Manager 713-348-4820
Gabriela Galvan Pre-Award Specialist 713-348-2373
Katherine Aleman-Alaniz Pre-Award Specialist 713-348-7052
Judy Colvin Pre-Award Specialist 713-348-4843

Updated May 13, 2024